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Gyula is a Data Warehouse Engineer in the Streaming Platform team at King, working hard on shaping the future of real-time data processing. This includes researching, developing, and sharing awesome streaming technologies. Gyula grew up in Budapest where he first started working on distributed stream processing and later became a core contributor to the Apache Flink project. Among his everyday funs and challenges, you find endless video game battles, super spicy foods, and thinking about stupid bugs at night. Mattias is a Data Scientist in the Streaming Platform team at King, works with almost all kinds of data-related projects be it data modelling, AB tests, segmentation, notebooks, building ETL, setting up databases, scripting and, lately, Java programming. Loves video games and Kings puzzle games and has designed a few levels in Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda Saga.

RBEA: scalable real-time analytics at King

This blogpost introduces RBEA (Rule-Based Event Aggregator), the scalable real-time analytics platform developed by King’s Streaming Platform team. This new platform opens the doors to the world of stream analytics for our data scientists across the company. Here, we will describe what motivated us to build RBEA, how the system works, and how it is … Continue reading RBEA: scalable real-time analytics at King