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Tom has been making games for almost two decades and continues to have the privilege of working on some great games with some outstanding teams. Following the scent of adventure, he left AAA console games on the wet coast(*) of Canada for the sunny shores of Barcelona (the only change for the family was “everything”; though he continues to be a strict part time vegetarian). When not in front of the computer, he is failing at KOM’ing Strava segments around Catalunya. (*) While Vancouver also happens to be on the west coast, the rain is what gives it its name.

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Speeding up build times with Master/Unity/Bulk Builds

C++ is great for all sorts of things, but sooner or later the project starts suffering from long build times. There are lots of tips; however, most of them will take many man hours to resolve (i.e. fixing the dependencies, removing boost, fixing your template recursion, etc). One solution is fairly easy to put into … Continue reading Speeding up build times with Master/Unity/Bulk Builds